Our retreats, healing offerings and facilitator trainings are essentially the outcome of having been through epic storms in life and self, somehow making it out the other end and thus being filled with the incredible desire to help others on this intense path to find their way amidst it all.

We don’t claim to be perfect.  We are a work-in-progress, just like you.

We have, however,  gathered a whole bunch of tools, know-how and experience that may be able to contribute to your life in some way.

And we’d like that. 

It’s very clear to us that we aren’t meant to do this alone and that we have a soul family with whom we can grow together with.  Also, that knowledge is meant to be shared with all who are ready to take the journey.

Stay a day or come play for the long haul – the invitation is an open ticket.  We mean that.


the journey to self-love is a noble one

And one we all must take
if we intend on experiencing the depths of what is possible here in this now.

As it has been said, this path is not the easy one but it is the one that calls to us the highest possibilities in connecting to something greater, to our purpose here on our great earth and also with one another at different levels than simply accepting the limitations and illusions of the “status quo”

change is always possible

It doesn’t matter how complex, ingrained or intense and issue might seem.
With awareness, love and support through the process it is possible to change absolutely anything in our lives.
It is the choice to do so that starts to open the doors to a different reality.

we are here for a higher purpose

We are not just the data of our stored experiences, our bills and our survival stories.  We are an incredibly intricate and miraculous conversation between spirit and matter, waiting to be acknowledged, activated and extrapolated.  Our true status is ease, joy and glory.  Owning this purpose is owning our right to be infinite potential, every damn day.