Air (Practices)

Each of the elements has clues for us and for where we can find more balance or harmony within our own bodies and lives.

Air lifts us up to seeing with new eyes. When air is in balance, your mind is free and flexible. You mentally travel and explore, allowing new ideas to widen your horizon.

The air element is expressed through thoughts, currents and the nervous system. It’s associated with synapses firing in the brain, and Oxygen flowing into the lungs and blood stream. This element is about the breath, and seeking inspiration, a word that means “breathing in.” It’s home territory is the vast mental field, where “thoughts are things” that creates the tangible outline of our lives.
Air is one of the five elements — the others are fire, water and earth — and each one is important for your sense of well-being.
It’s exhilarating to breakthrough old ways of thinking, because that sets real external change in motion. Air brings emotional detachment, and that helps you make good decisions. When the air is moving, it makes for lively sociability, and keeps you curious and always learning.

When There’s Too Much Air 

It’s hard to feel grounded and in your body. You can be lost with your head in the clouds. You find it hard to tie down your free-floating ideas to tangible, daily effort. Your busy mind keeps you awake with insomnia. You are high-strung with erratic breathing (possibly a smoker). You dissipate your energy by talking, texting, emailing, etc. You feel like you can’t organize your thoughts. There’s too much static and not enough space…room to breathe.

It’s hard to see yourself with any objectivity. You’re apathetic, bored. You don’t see a point to what you’re doing.

Ways to ground Air:

  • Don’t skip a meal and take time to eat slowly.
  • Cut back on caffeine and other stimulants.
  • Take a break from the information deluge.
  • Turn off your cell phone for awhile.
  • Give yourself time to wind down before bedtime.
  • Steer clear of anxiety-inducing images and news.
  • Find healthy ways to burn off nervous energy.

Ways to Bring Air Balance into Your Life:

  • Spend some time watching clouds.
  • Plant flowers or visit a butterfly garden.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Spend some time bird watching, draw them to your home.
  • Sage your space.
  • Open the windows on fresh air days.
  • Seek out a high perch with a view to the horizon.
  • Breathing meditation (following the breath)
  • Make a wish and blow out a candle.
  • Work out, bringing Oxygen to the cells
  • take a beginner’s course in something that fascinates you.
  • Keep a journal as a tangible record of your thoughts. (I recommend BULLET JOURNALING!)
  • Bring wind chimes into your garden or home.

Other ideas:

  • Try Tai Chi or Qigong, two flowy meditative martial art practices.
  • Experiment with aromatherapy.
  • Experience wind surfing or hang gliding.
  • Parachute out of an airplane.
  • Making sure you get plenty of time with no set agenda.


if you REALLY want to get into some serious “AIR” practice and drop into the Breath-work that we have been practicing that has legitimately created SO much healing for just about every person I know who has tried it – (PM me for more info!) join us as we breathe together:

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PS:  Soma is a name given to a sacred ritual involving psychedelics and meditation. Soma gave the rishis profound visions. The rishis then wrote the ancient texts of the rig veda from the information they received in these visions about the eternal truths of the universe. They also gained complete mastery of their physical body and mental faculties.

This special ritual involving special tribal music, chanting, Trypnaural brainwave technology and breathwork will alter your state of consciousness in a profound way.
In a similar way to the rishis you may receive downloads, visions and moments of great inspiration.
Use this time to create powerful visualizations of the future you want to create. Your sexual energy will become charged and your personal magnetism will expand.  (*taken from The Renegade Academy)

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May you find a lightness of being and if not, let me help you find it 🙂

With lots of love,

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