Blessingway Ceremonies: Power to The Mamma

Recently I have been called to be host of the beautiful offering that is the Blessingway Ceremony and I am very pleased Spirit is asking this of me ūüôā

If you haven’t heard of it, it is an important tradition lovingly adopted from the Navajo Tribes that focusses on the Mother-to-Be and her passageway into motherhood by bringing together her closest female friends and family to give her energy, encouragement, pampering and play before the birth of her child.

circle emptyThis can come in the form of nourishing food, purposeful story-telling and sharing about her friends’ experiences of their babies birth and words that can help calm and prepare the soon Mother for the birthing process. ¬†Also there is a good chance if you attend a Blessingway that there will be a load of fun activities that will be on offer, some for the attendees but also some specifically for directing love toward her.¬†PA152965

Where most baby-shower type events focus on the baby and often do not offer any soulful  conjuring of energies to benefit the mother in ways beyond physical gifts (which of course are also  helpful and have their place!) a Blessingway purposely provokes a sacred behavior in the  participants and always leaves the mamma feeling more ready and relaxed for the coming of babe.

At Julia’s Blessingway, we created Flower Crowns which helped to create space for conversation and creativity but also as a fun way to slip into Goddess-y mode ~ something just about every girl loves. We also painted power words on stones that the girls brought with them, which she would then keep by her during her labour.

Other activities included: Washing her feet with rosewater, taking turns painting with henna on her lovely round belly whilst sending well wishes to our little friend inside, meditating on a smooth delivery and finishing with eating together as a nice way to close up the circle.


Each woman was given a candle that she would light when she heard that Julia would go into labour as a way of sending her energy to the process.

She, they and I all thoroughly LOVED the whole event and when the message came in that baby was arriving we all happily sent back our photos of our lit candles on our shelves at home.

If you are soon to give birth and feel a ceremony of welcome and support like this would be a good match to you, I would be honored to help you host it!

Email me: venus @  and we will start brainstorming how we can make it AWESOME for you and babe. xx



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