[WATCH] Dance of Aphrodite Workshop

How important it is to feel good in our physical temples. How joyous it is to discover hidden talents and delights!
We enjoyed the day and our bodies through the practices of Yoga, 5Elements Dance and Burlesque – plus explored some mirror work and ended the workshop with sharing and meditation for releasing points of view and energies around the body.

What seemed the most challenging for the participants was to be in allowance of what they saw reflected back in the mirror, and to really surrender to the moment without thinking or referencing to what and who they were in the past.  Something we all have struggled with in the past, no doubt!  I admire each and every one of you for facing your selves and finding some peace with what you saw. What else is possible?

Exhausted and happy – a workshop success.  Thank you Aphrodite’s!

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