Emotional Detox Package

For those who would really like to start experience a sense of freedom in their body, mind and life…we have created this for you.

Every good journey starts by getting super CLEAR on what it is you are wanting.
Deep reflective work and most of it will be verbal.  
Together with Venus you will open up the energy lines for receiving
& start to create the imperative for healing.

This treatment is an efficient and authentic therapy that can create a huge shift in not only the physical but also emotional and energy body. Karn works with multiple modalities to clean, clear and unlock stagnant energies in the organs and meridians.
In Chinese medicine it is believed that emotions are stored in the 5 organs. These are accessed and balanced through abdominal massage.

This is a powerful releasing session that incorporates two main modalities for release: the breath and energetic therapy.  
Combined, they allow for a deep excavation of the subconscious and a big “reset” to allow the energy channels to flow and emotions to be integrated or released.
It is also a chance to practice a technique that you may wish to continue with as your own once returning home as it is one of the most efficient tools for upgrading emotions and opening to more peace.

After some more specific analysis,
Karn will choose what is the best next step in the cleansing process.
Whether that is in the removal of stale blood, Karsai Neo Tsang for releasing tensions and energies in the groin and sexual organs Karn will complete your Emotional Detox experience by also giving tips on herbal remedies you may choose to incorporate into your continued detox.
We believe that the body needs time to catch up to all this shifting in energies.
Hydrotherapy and Floatation is a wonderful way to release anxiety, to completely relax and to allow the process to work without getting in the way.
You will receive two of these if you book the full package.
In our opinion, to really find balance, often it requires coming from multiple angles towards our challenges.
This is why we have combined our therapies.
It’s an exciting combo, don’t you think?
We know it might not be such a walk in the park, but we do know that with the right support and just a bit of a nudge, we humans are capable of some legitimately epic sh*t.
We just need to find that balance again, so that we can flow.
—- 21,500 THB —- (No external Floats included)

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Not coming to Phuket Cleanse but still like to experience the program?
Book here or email us. x

Continued Support:

  1. We will add you to the private Facebook group where you can get weekly/daily tips and reminders for your continued journey
  2. You will receive email support if you have any questions or need more clarity.
  3. Access to the “Emotional Detox Kit”: Contains free workshops, meditations, screen-savers for your phone to remind you of the tools, a curated list of speakers and teachers who can help you dive further in to your Self-Study work.
  4. Option to receive LIVE Emotional Detox Coaching (includes the Kit as well)= 4 x power sessions via Skype for the first month

Power Sessions are:
Coaching + Active Practice together of Tools/Process + Clearing/Distance Healing
(includes recording of the call & additional audio “loops” specific to your journey, to deepen the clearings)

Overall, this is a comprehensive and deep diving program for those who really want to leave with a new template from which to experience life from.
Love from us!
Venus & Karn
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