Emotional Detox – why it is just as important as physical cleansing

As humans, we do love to obsess about the external, don’t we?
The environment around us, our hairstyles, our bodies and our weight, things we have and all the stuff we are apparently lacking, how much time we don’t have, what other people think….it goes on and on.

Looking under the lid, we will find that most of this tendency is rooted in fear. If we are functioning from a state of fear, guess what – we are likely triggering the same patterns in the same way and not doing our bodies any favors either. (I would rather not link to the shocking statistics when it comes to stress related diseases, so go looking if you want to convince yourself that stress is only your friend in certain scenarios)

This impulse to prepare ourselves for “the worst” and meanwhile create all sorts of stress in the body which triggers and activates the same chemical response of being in danger, only this energy is not expelled on the “threat” instead it goes against us and begins to create dis-ease, dis-harmony, des-truction of possibilities.

With such a focus on the physical, on the teeny tiny particles and molecules that are actually forming this matter/material, we grow frustrated that things are not changing as we would like them to be. We go around in loops and bump up against familiar outcomes over and over.

So where does the shift take place?
What truly needs to be addressed, forgiven, packed off to the cleaners or torched to allow the freedom that we are really seeking, to be the status quo in our lives?

In my opinion a key facilitator in awakening our freedom state is the self “work” that is the emotional detox. How is your emotional “IQ”?
What pushes your buttons? What story is still lingering around like a constant whisper in the background of your behavioral patterns and your verbal rhetoric? If we have all of this “stuff” still hanging about, how in the hell are we expecting to change?

The program is set to what the program has always been.

In the Release Technique they say you are doing one of three things, and technically only one of them is liberating.

To start to experience freedom, to really live the full scope of emotional expression without holding back your truth or on it’s polar end, hurting another, to find true peace with what has been on rotation from the past…space must first be created. No resisting. No judging. No micro-managing.

In the practice of Breath-work, the invitation is:

When you Feel it, you heal it

I would have to agree.
How often have we decided that something was too much to feel, or didn’t want to dig up some carefully stashed sensation in case we “lost it”
Well it’s true – sometimes we need to be “out of control” to really let go.

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What about you?
Do you want to start transmuting your emotions?
To come into more mastery?

These are the top 3 ways I have used to work through my own emotional disruptions, points of view, triggers, memories, programs etc (and believe me, there have been plenty!)
I continue to find deeper ways to tweak and fine tune my relationship to my own emotions as I help others to move more into mastery of their emotions.

Again and again I find myself back at this incredible tool for opening, shifting and releasing.  
There is too much benefit to list here that spans ALL levels of transformation…but if you would like to dive into this I highly recommend the practice that is SOMA BREATH as it combines not only yoga, tantra, music medicine, meditation and visualization but the breath all together.  
Totally epic results. 
* Scroll right down the bottom to take the 21 Day Challenge. 
There is a self study course and also a LIVE course. SO GOOD!

Unscripted, spontaneous, full surrender movement to music that moves your soul. 
 It creates new neural pathways, it forces you to breathe and ultimately to let go and develop trust and allowance. 
There is even research finding that Dancing Makes You Smarter.

My entry point was 5 RHYTHMS & this wonderful movement therapy can be found in just about every major city in the world – so why not look up a weekly class?
It is incredibly freeing, once you get out of your own way/head.

Gabrielle Roth – Creator of 5 Rhythms

3. MEDITATION  (Duh, right?)
Although the first two are already forms of meditation, I mean ANY KIND! Dive in, try different approaches! Do you like music? 
Or maybe you like to move and meditate! 
Maybe you like someone guiding you, 
maybe you want to use it as your time to manifest? 
My question is – 
So much happens! You open to more, you receive answers, you find space, you create with the divine…
I mean, YES to all right? Plus you can rewire your brain and become a new personality if you’d like. 
I really love Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has the science and spirituality thing sweetly merged together like a champ and the meditations are VERY pragmatic and connective. Beautiful and functional – two things I love! 🙂

If you are visiting Phuket, please connect to us! Or if you would like us to come to you, we are open to possibilities. 
My thai bestie Karn & I offer an emotional detox program involving:
Sound Healing, Energy Therapy, Breath work, Movement, 5 Organs Massage, Gua Sha (scraping and cupping), Coaching, Meditation & Intention Setting, acupressure and herbal remedies.
You can read more about it in this post >>

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