Ananda Mandala, Dubai

June 16, 2017

19:00 - 22:00

29 61 B St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Pay it Forward

Supercharge the start of your weekend by joining us for a dynamic breath-work & chakra cleansing meditation.

Developed from ancient breathing techniques by the students of Amma Bhagavan at the Oneness University, this practice has the capacity to cause a tangible shift in your energy levels while inviting deep energetic releases from the body & pathways to more blissful states of mind. 

Whenever we gather with like-minded souls with focused intention, we also increase our capacity to create change as this magnifies the request in the quantum field. 

Please note: 
This technique is not recommended for those who have cardiac problems or women currently pregnant or in a heavy part of their menstrual flow. 

Your guide: 
Venus is visiting us from Phuket where she hosts ceremonies and gatherings with a focus on increasing the possibilities of healing through music, medicine, movement & the conscious directing of energy/chi. 

** If you are a Deeksha Giver, please be welcome to come and share the Blessing at the end of the Meditation!

No previous meditation experience required. Come as you are.

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