Venus Retrograde: Women’s Circle, Thailand

April 10, 2017

18:00 - 21:00

75/2 83130, Soi Khokmakham, Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand


I know it’s been quite some time since we offered a women’s circle & many have been inquiring about it – so here it is!

It seems to want to be created at a prime moment too! It constantly appears that we go through waves of similar challenges among the collective at the same time, and being together is a more efficient way to process this. 

What I have been noticing is a repetition of the energies of Comparison, Self-Value/Worth and also chances to Heal the aspects of envy/jealousy states – especially among the feminine. 

Too often women are geared towards competition when it comes to other women, which means connection and blessings will naturally be forfeited. 

I would like to explore the lessons that looking at our own value can provide and to really work on highlighting THIS in each other instead of cutting other women down for having/being something desirable. 

Isn’t it time to see the beauty and release comparison? 
How much more can we all be if we are free flowing, full of love of self and raising the next woman up along with us?

We will all take part in a sacred ritual of cleansing old energies followed by group healing and meditation, movement to release and let feelings flow through the physical and the most important part of a Circle: Sharing ♥ ♥

This is a chance to be heard and support by a loving circle of other women who are moving through also their own ups and downs. 
We all grow stronger and clearer together! 

Plus special surprise….♥

Info about Movement: (With Irene – Tribal Shakti)

We will be exploring the sacred art of Tribal Bellydance together with a reconnection to our inner Feminine Power, celebrating the expression of our authentic selves and identifying more and more
with our divine nature.

The term TRIBAL comes from Tribe which means group: interaction, aggregation, feminine energy, trust, deep connection with our inner beloved and communication through the body are the key elements of Tribal Bellydance. 

This is a dance that combines Oriental dance movements, Indian dance, Flamenco, Meditative and Trance dances, dances from North Africa and Contemporary dance.

We will pass trough slow and hypnotic movements expanding our consciousness on the body and on our inner Shakti. This journey will guide us towards body awareness and celebration of our sacred femininity. We will concentrate particulary on the sacred geometry shapes of Circle, Infinity Symbol, Wave and Spiral together with a focus on posture and sensuality.

Meditation, Dance, Circle is required! COME AS YOU ARE ♥
It’s about connection & play

Please wear something comfortable and Red or White if you have it! 
Bring some water & Your Notebook
Also something to add to the altar to charge with our energies 🙂
Something to share as a healthy snack after (vegan/vegetarian is recommended)

About your hosts:
We are blessed by a wonderful visiting goddess: Irene Tribal Shakti who is on the island just for a few weeks and hosts international dance workshops and women’s gatherings herself (see discussion for her profile) 

This is a great chance to experience some of her magic and wisdom plus be in the supportive and healing environment that a Red Tent Women’s Circle intends to create for you. 

With so much love! Can’t wait to see you ♥

Rite Of The Womb Ceremony: Thailand

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