Step more fully into your path as a facilitator


You know it if you have been called to it.

People probably already come to you with their challenges, lean on you for support or trust in your advice when the going gets tough.  Maybe you have even started your path as someone who holds space for others and are looking for what else you could add to your offerings to reach more people in your service.

For me, when I got the “message” that I was to start working with women in circles, at first I had a bit of resistance.  Of course this usually is the clue that there was something on the topics we would eventually cover that I myself had to heal or balance.  And that is truly part of the beauty of this kind of work, we are literally shifting ourselves as we give of our energies and caring to those in our groups.

Why Women’s Circles?

We come into the world through our mothers, and along with it all the culture associated with whatever she grew up with, likely duplicating points of view and a soup of other considerations that may not necessarily be our own Truth.
During our schooling years, we are imprinted with the reflections of others around us and that eras particular set of ideals: what is beautiful, how we are supposed to fit, what is too much, what is not enough.  So much so that even the fully grown woman can still find influence in her current day choices which can easily plague her thoughts with self-doubt if gone unprocessed.

Imagine if we could have the right type of environment that supported the confrontation and allowance for these patterns and programs so that they can finally be set free through integration into the greater whole of a woman’s being? And even before that, what if we could provide the space for younger women/girls to come to a more healthy and aware state of sincere love for themselves so that they are starting off in the soup with the ingredients that would actually nourish their souls?
What if soon-to-be-mothers could have the chance to clear out their programs and fears about the process of giving birth and have the support of their nearest and dearest while stepping into this incredibly important phase of their lives?

What effect could this have on the individual persons immediate reality, their families and their friends?

A Release of The Stories of our Feminine Lineages

Everything is energetic, at its core level.

We can trace back our beliefs, ideas and judgments through the network of what we have duplicated, inherited, learned or found ourselves immersed in over our lifespans.

What if we could assist in the alleviation of this maddening spiral of experiences that has us attracting unhealthy relationships, not fully knowing what it is to use our sexual energies for creation and connection, living in various states of fear, limitation and competition?

I believe that the more each woman comes into her own “reactivation” of her power AS a woman, the more we all have access to stepping into a more balanced experience as humans all contributing to a common consciousness.

If you are reading this, I would wonder if that means you are in-line for being a facilitator of this in the world of those women around you?
If so, these are my offerings to you that you might deepen your personal connection to your feminine power and share this in pragmatic, life-changing and tangibly effective ways within your circles.

If you are just starting on your practice as someone who holds women’s circles, this is great too.  Wherever you are on your path as a facilitator, you can benefit from the methods, tools and guides I have lovingly curated for you here in these trainings.

The training that I offer are given either in downloadable “course” format or by 1:1 sessions over Skype in bite sized segments where I can work with you each step of the way. 

1. The Red Tent: Women’s Circle
An important global movement gathering the women in your community to sustain and support one another’s growth on a very personal level.  Gain access to my complete collection of: meditation guides, music and playlists, recommendations for deeper study, Prayers and Invocations specifically for this type of ceremony, List of Themes and how you can possibly expand upon those according to the needs of your community, exercises to deepen your practice as a facilitator of divine energies + channeling exercises to fine tune your abilities on the psychic levels to better serve your path….and so much more.

2. The Womb Rites: A Shamanic Transmission
Receive this transmission first for yourself through the lineage of the Munay Ki and share it with others in a powerful ceremony that can help women release their stories related to sexual trauma, sexuality, fears and memories, balance menstrual cycles, prepare for healthy childbirth (among many other benefits)
If you are a practitioner of healing or body work, this can be a nurturing ceremonial gift to add to your offerings for women.


The Blessingway Ceremony: For Expectant Mothers
Based on a Navajo tradition of preparing the soon-to-be-mother with the right kind of strength and energy that can take her through and into the challenging moments of labor, this is a beautiful ceremonial offering that she will never forget!
You will learn how to create an incredible space, gain access to music especially for this type of environment, get suggestions on how to set up the experience for all who come, how to make artistic and creative interactive exercises that have an impact, help with creating sacred space and so much more.

3. Girl Talk: Menarche, Teen Circles & Gatherings for the “Maidens”

After an impactful experience working with teenage girls, I recognized firsthand the importance of working with our girls before they build up one too many walls and ideas about the processes and adventures of becoming a woman.
Playful, creative ideas to help open up conversations, give them positive reference points, have meaningful gatherings and to help dispel the often prevalent practices of body-shaming, competition and other unhealthy tendencies that can lead to more serious issues and limitations.

This guide was put together with the contribution and help of many experts and wise women from therapists to healers to speakers and social-workers – to my own mother! We share this with the hope of really getting a new message of re-membering out into the teeniverse that they don’t need to compare or seek confirmation and devalue themselves and that the strength that they need to face absolutely anything can come from a very reliable source WITHIN themselves.
We believe this is one of the best gifts we can give our girls, to nurture the possibilities of supporting fully empowered women in their later years (instead of fixing what is “damaged”)

You grow as you help others grow

Just with the three (well, technically four!) of these ceremonial guides you would be able to set up a joyful business for yourself by doing important work that you can really love

Becoming a host of women’s circles and ceremonies has been one of the most nurturing aspects of the service realm that I have experienced as it not only allows us to connect to our part in helping shift realities in our world, but encourages so many parts of you, as the facilitator to come into play including:

– Creating beautiful, truly magical spaces
– Putting together nourishing foods & delicious elixirs
– Working with oils, herbs, flowers
– Sculpting Music and Sound for setting the right mood and for healing
– Healing and opening through ritual and ceremony
– Bringing peace and relaxation with meditation and other techniques
– Working on a very personal level with women to help heal energies that have permeated the collective of women’s consciousness on the planet (I mean, how good is THAT?)
– Using the ceremony space as a way to really allow a deep connection among those who attend
– Letting your imagination fly!

Accessible yet high quality

It is important for me to keep these guides reasonably priced so that more women can help more women! 

Basically I have filled them up as much as I can with tools, processes and whatever has supported me in my circles along the way in the hope that something jumps out to you, sparks YOUR creativity and gets you moving in a powerful and authentic direction.  Basically once you dive in, you can pick and choose what you feel excited by and soon you will be on a roll!

In these guides you will find:

– High quality Video and Audio with me talking (and sometimes bonus interviews with experts in particular areas)
– Transcripts in .pdf format for those who prefer to read
– Access to my playlists, meditative guided recordings and invocations
– A library of links and supportive processes both personal and for the group that might help to deepen your awareness
– Theme lists and reference information that you can go to when sculpting your own ceremonies
–  Inspirational “packs” containing images for promotional material, templates for design and a whole section on the functional “businessy” element to getting your events out into the world
– Tips and Suggestions on how to deal with possible challenges both with others and internally
– Self-Care and Inner-Work suggestions to help you continue to expand in your own work
– Frequently updated material as I discover useful processes that you might like to include
– First access to the retreats and journeys we set up for you before they go online, should you like to come adventure with us and add to your upgrades!

Also included:

– 2 x Private calls with me directly to discuss where you are in your path, to receive energy attunements and to help clear anything that might be stopping you from truly holding space with grace
Multiple live-streamed, group calls (usually around or just before the New Moon) where we really go through any questions or concerns you might have when setting up your ceremonies, to connect our energies to the other women in the worldwide community also working on this, and to bring together our intentions when doing this work (as the stronger and more confident each one of us is, that fortifies ALL of us!)

* If you miss the calls or can’t attend for some reason you will have access to the audio recordings sent via email after the call, but obviously the more energy we have to work with (your contribution!) will make them all the juicier!

Like anything that truly nourishes the soul:
This will be an adventure. 

You might have to face some of your own shadows, and you will probably have to get very honest with yourself if you do wish to walk this path and heal others.
The good news is, we will be doing it together! And a lot has been done within these guides anticipating what you might face and has specifically been created to help you through those trickier inner-work times that will no doubt be stirred up if you move more directly into this path.
Yes, you are stepping more fully into your path as a facilitator AND that means you will be stretched to delve into your various elements of self. Which means you will inevitably come to know different aspects of yourself.

I am ready when you are!


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