Find Your Path & Purpose

What does it mean to find your Path and Purpose?
Does it depend on your “spiritual” ambition?
How many barriers do you have to receiving this?
How much have you been denying what is true for you?

“All Paths Lead Home”

If you can start to tap into this stream that unifies us all, wouldn’t it be true that you would have access to some of the deeper knowledge contained within you that says:

I have a purpose
I have a mission
I have something important to contribute to the unfolding and awakening of the greater collective
I get to live a life that is in this state of joy and abundance

We are an intrinsic part of the possibilities of the planet and of one another

The more you choose to step into your stream of highest excitement and potential, the more this forges the way and opens the doorways for those who will come after us.
It also encourages those who came before us to continue their work.
Plus it means you get to be happier.

Not always the easy journey…

Often it is challenging to break away from the commonality of plugging into a matrix-like system that we have come to find comfortable even in its evident limitations.

We come to accept that we must cut off parts of our self to fit and function, forgoing the deeper messages that might be trying to push their way to the surface of our awareness through our experiences so that we will reflect on what it is that we
really want to be doing with our energy in our every day lives.

There are varying levels of “purpose”
It doesn’t have to be revolutionary.  You don’t have to start a rebellion.

All it has to be is, true for you.

And sometimes “finding” that can seem like a near impossible mission in itself.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not impossible.

What does it take?

Number One: it takes a DESIRE TO KNOW
Number Two: BEING WILLING TO REALLY LOOK at what might stop you from having that
Number Three: when you start to get the clues, to DEMONSTRATE that you actually want this by acting from a new perspective.
In this way, signaling your world to move towards that.

Why would you want to “find your purpose?”

If you have ever met those people who appear to be living their life purpose, what seems to be the resounding commonality?
Yes, they will likely admit that it’s not always so easy and that it has it’s fair share of challenges living “outside of the norm”
but there is one thing you will probably finds exists with these individuals…and that is the joy and satisfaction of doing something that really moves them from the inside-out. 

You will probably also hear them say that it took a leap of courage to choose it
Sure, some are more brave while others are a little more careful or hesitant
but living your life purpose means to be in step with what most moves you, from the place of joy.

Most of us don’t move from joy. 
We move from requiring security, or a certain level of fear that we might have bought from the world around us.
The problem with this is that we get a limited version of possibilities served up to us because it’s coming through a filter.

When you have built up enough sincere courage to step more fully into your path and purpose, it’s like the entire universe bends towards you.
There is something magnetic about choosing from an empowered place and it comes in practical and tangible ways in that you begin to “get” support from all around you.

This is when the doors start to fly open.
This is when you begin to know what it’s like to live in a flow-state.
This is when things just happen

This is when life gets exciting
This is when you get to be abundant beyond your dreams
Connected past your beliefs and stories
and when you can start to free yourself from whatever sticking points you might have been maintaining over time and start to be living in a really joyful way.

The problem is not that you don’t have a purpose, it’s that you aren’t choosing it
The problem with not choosing it is that we live half lives.  There is only so long you can avoid asking the questions that will open the doors to receiving this.

What would it look like to start to live my purpose?
What does my highest excitement look like?
What kind of joy am I not experiencing by staying safe in my bubble of not-asking?


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