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Price:  23000B/666Euro
Up to 8 hours total treatment time

For those who would really like to start experience a sense of freedom in their body, mind and life.

Combining over 30 years of combined experience in the healing arts, Karn and Venus bring to you an efficient cocktail of tools to help:

  • Reset the body & Open the Energy Channels
  • Release Emotions, Memories & Stories from the mind
  • Unlock physical tensions & stress
  • Create a massive “dump” of stored programming in the brain
  • Empower you with tools to upgrade your consciousness
  • Activate your creative power & sexual energies
  • Support your expansion into the next epic chapter of your life

Therapies involved:
1. Chi Nei Tsang (5 Organs Massage)

2. Energy Healing (Multiple Modalities)

3. Sound Therapy

4. Meditation Tools

5. Breakthrough Breath-work

6. Coaching & Talk Therapy

7. Energy Management Tools

8. Cupping & Gua Sha

9. Shamanic Healing

10. Chinese Medicine

11. Hydrotherapy

This will take place over FOUR sessions plus TWO Floats

Practitioners: Venus & Karn

** This is for those who have at least 5-7 days in Thailand and only for those who really wish to experience profound change.

We are willing to travel for special situations, multiple people who are interested in taking this package. Please DM. tovenusrobertson@gmail.com


Whatsapp: +66872832083 *to connect straight away

or book: https://venus.setmore.com/