You are invited on an Adventure…

You may have heard that this epic mothership we cruise through space on has locations on and within her that defy the possible in terms of their magical elements, where those visiting have picked up on more subtle energies leading to visions and blasts of “memories,”  had activations or breakthrough moments where something quietly ‘clicked’ inside of them or where all senses suddenly seem to become heightened in their sensitivity.

These spots have always called out to me.

And I would love to go there with you

What if these spots – plus an active consciousness practice – could cause a chain-reaction of openings and awakenings when connected to, conjured and honored in the right way?

We will be visiting the worlds most energetically charged places (and they may not be obvious at first for being so!) and spend time opening up gateways together so that the energy of these locations can eventually be loaded into a wider “grid” and those potencies accessed whenever required.

At various locations we will create special ceremonies and meditations designed at opening to “higher” more refined energies to upgrade and shift our experience of reality.

We will develop our capacities for deep listening – to be able to sense and feel the messages of Spirit.
Each location visited builds on the last, but feel free to attend as many as you can or are attracted to joining, as your unique contribution is what will directly help to open up that part of the Earth’s grid as it is each of us, in conscious movements that can allow for these epic openings.

We are the gatekeepers of the new template of mother earth.

These journeys aim to remind you of your missions here.

Details released by the Summer of 2018.

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The Witches Brew: Romania
Gaia Warriors: Thailand
Sacred Inferno: Hawaii
Womb of The World: Multiple Locations

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  1. Travis Cosentino

    I rarely have fun anymore. I keep a positive attitude but I’m missing a lot. I work too much and have very little play time. I need help.

    1. Venus

      mmm…play keeps us in the creative flow of receiving…
      Definitely would be good to reinstate this in your life!
      what can you imagine might help?

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