Finding Joy in the Body

What if the purpose of life was to have fun?

What has your body been trying to tell you that you have been in denial about?

Do you consider your body as a sacred space? A temple of sorts?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel ecstatic in your own skin? To attract people who honor and value every last inch of you and your deliciousness?

Come dance with us…and invite your body into a new relationship…one that is of mutual love and respect… one that transmits this same message of love to others just by being in the vibration of that yourself…one that shares with you all the magical sensations of embodiment including where to go and be that would cause the greatest possible outcome for all involved…

Finding balance in your elements means encouraging a new type of harmony into your life, also.
If one element is “off” – then of course, the rest can’t be as clear or as resonant as they could be.

Dancing is an incredible way to instigate release, to welcome the new and to send out prayers that you can then anticipate manifesting…

Waiting to share space with you! xx

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