More often than not the story starts from a “dark” place, some sort of difficulty in life that propels the individual towards seeking a deeper connection to what life is trying to show them.  Venus is no exception. Growing up in a broken family and experiencing the adults around her struggling with their own demons of abuse, disappointment and relationship challenges, she found herself being drawn to places, teachings and practices that might show her some light in a world that she so far had mostly seen dissonance.  Getting her first taste of healing in a church environment she soon found that this type of connection to something supposedly “greater” wasn’t it for her and started to feed a long-term curiosity related to the occult, eating up anything she could get her hands on regarding earth based religions, witchcraft, spirits, channeling & healing related practices whilst beginning to develop a connection with nature and animals through living with her father on their land in northern Queensland, Australia.

Moving to Korea she began a ten year stint of entertainment and ego-related ventures: DJing, modeling, voice recording, nightclub and event management, radio and magazine work.  It wasn’t until a particularly confronting segment of life during the most textbook terrible relationship where she was pretty much reduced to zero across all areas of life that she seriously considered to end it all.  In fact, she was just about to when she had the biggest “aha moment” of her life.
Just then, with her own death completely “organized” she realized that Life was offering her something simple and yet deeply profound.
This was:
Choose, or Die.  

Literally and metaphorically.  
Choose to live, to be her, to step up to everything that was possible and to not give herself away to the trauma and drama of this relationship and allow it to kill off everything she had built in herself and in her world. The options were very clear.
If she kept going in this state, there would be nothing left.  She would cease to exist in this equation.  If she didn’t make the choice to live and to choose HERSELF, nobody else was going to and she would see an even worse state of separation in her experience on this planet.
It was in that moment and the days to come that she changed everything. Taking what little money she did have, she went and started to sincerely learn new methods and modalities of healing, practicing with different mentors and masters in different countries.  She was given more options to fall back into the old patterns, and sometimes she did – but what remained was the awareness that she (like everyone) had the option to make something of this life.  She also realized that coming to that zero point was actually what she needed to make that choice.

As she began to grow her practice and apply the healing tools to her life, things began to change.  New psychic gifts and skills appeared, revelations about her cosmic self started to be integrated and soon she was working with people to help them move their own issues and bring their shadows into the light.
The more she developed her connection to this Source, the more information and directions would come and eventually she had the chance to integrate what she would come to know as her “multi-dimensional” selves.  This in itself was a challenging process, where she would have to confront deeper programs and limitations carried over since birth or before, but as the path wound on – it was apparent that this was all a process in guiding her to what would eventually come to be part of her life’s work.

Moving to Thailand to work dedicatedly at a well-renowned detox and healing center, her connection deepened and many success cases working 1:1 with clients from all over the world gave her much propulsion to begin offering larger gatherings and events.  
During this time, the medicine path started to open itself to her and so began an adventure with the magic of the plants that had long been tools of the shamans to gain access to aspects, understanding and knowledge about our deepest, most ancient selves.

Taking to the world-roads with the joy that is The 5 Elements Dance (Movement Meditation) and combining it with Cacao Ceremony – she has found a way to unite the play element with the sacred – creating a space that is healing through movement, music & medicine.