I own a well known detox center, that has received much international acclaim. When I decided to bring life coaching to my business, I knew the perfect person to make coaching fun, fashionable, sexy and effective. I needed a life coach who could do the trick as many clients come for a short period of time. You can work with Venus for 15 minutes only and she will get to the heart of the issue and move you past things that could last a lifetime. However, taking Venus on as a long term coaching will shift your life into such a magical realm that your life will become unrecognizable. Venus will help you to hit the delete button on all your limiting beliefs.

I could go on and on and on about this woman with a heart of gold. I could go on and on about how popular Venus was with our guests. But in the end, all you want to know is whether it works? Let me tell you Venus is the magic bullet you’ve been waiting for.

~ Mel Procter/Owner Phuket Raw Cleanse, Thailand

J_ParkVenus has a very clear way of organizing various information efficiently. Plus her delivery of this allowed me to focus and realize what should be truly valued. She helped me to tune in to the core element of what is most effective and provided a pragmatic, light, and fun approach to initiate what I had thought would be a laborious and heavy process.

~ J Park/Korea (Consciousness Facilitator & Artist)


NileshVenus is a living example of what she has learnt, believes & knows.  She embodies it internally & externally. She helped me to release what no longer served, and embrace what would nourish my life. Working with her was the best investment I have ever made

~ Nilesh/UK (Art Director)


J_BergrunI totally got rid of what I wanted to get rid of and actually started choosing for myself. Choosing the things I wanted in life, big and small. It wasn’t necessarily easy and it didn’t happen overnight, but Venus coached me through it. She made herself very available to me while I was making this huge transformation, including sending me energy and keeping me feeling uplifted the entire time.

Venus is genuinely warm and has a light-hearted natured, combined with a unique focus. I couldn’t believe how quickly I trusted her and wanted to tell her my deepest inner emotions. Venus is very intuitive and present, I will absolutely refer her to my friends. ~ J. Berggrun/US (Photographer/Filmmaker)

C_kentryVenus has aided me in rediscovering an awareness that has put me on the fast track to stepping into a reality where I am my true, authentic, beautiful, energetic self.  Things look different, feel different and I’m now comfortable in a reality I was never comfortable or at ease in. My body is also different, we have the best relationship we have ever had! I enjoy life more, I am present but most importantly, I am me.
~ C.Kenty/Canada (Womb Wellness Coach & Reiki Master)


M_Tessiore“Venus has been my facilitator and connection with the Access Bars process. Her work allowed my mind to expand and reach more and new possibilities i could not perceive previously. Also to awaken energies that went from just potential to something available and useable.  Insight, deep perception plus a positive and fun approach are what characterize the skills of Venus in her facilitator activity. Enjoy her being and yours!” ~ M.Tessiore/Italy  (Filmmaker & Model)


C_DandreaI found Venus online, drawn by her incredible energy. I knew she had something to share with me. At the time I was going through a heart-wrenching personal event. I also faced a difficulty getting my artistic career started. Venus did an energy therapy session with me. After one session, I no longer had the chaos in my head preventing me from achieving my dreams. I also felt immediate relief and relaxation. In the years since my first session with Venus, I have built a successful career and become a bars practitioner myself, sharing the gift that Venus gave me with countless others across the world. If you have a chance to receive the Bars from her, DO IT! ~  C.Dandrea/USA

S_Pratt“The universe provides you with exactly what you need when you ask for something!  That was exactly what happened to me.  It was a time I was struggling with many inner conflicts.  Venus miraculously came into my life.  After a consultation, I had no hesitation to hire her as my life coach.  Words cannot describe how I feel about our time together.  Venus was nurturing, understanding, and absolutely loving, but…she made me accountable towards my weekly goals and my life vision.  Not only was she available for ‘emergency’ calls, but she also supported me and guided me to a level that was truly healing and for that I will be forever grateful.  My question to anyone is why wouldn’t you want to hire her…trust me it was the best money I spent…just saying!  Love you with all my heart Venus!” ~ S.Pratt/Canada

T_HernandezMy reading with Venus was phenomenal. I was in need of something to help me through a traumatic part of my life.  I had no motivation or drive, I felt blocked and grief was so intense I was willing to be open minded for an energy session. After it I felt uplifted.  Venus helped me through a major part of that. Thank you Venus.
~ T.Hernandez/USA  (Teacher)


L_BedardVenus has the innate ability to inspire anyone to ask for more in their lives. Through her energy, words and keen understanding of life philosophy, she will drive you to pursue the infinite possibilities for improving yourself and your dynamic connection with all that surrounds you
~ L.Bedard/USA (Fitness Coach & Artist)


Venus easily dissolves the deceiving fog of self limitation I have created, and leaves me with astounding clarity. Plus she does it effortlessly. I never imagined someone could facilitate such dynamic self-growth and expansion with such a gentle touch.
~ M.Priestly/USA  (Dental Assistant)


J_MercadanteI was first introduced to Venus and simultaneously to the wonderful world of possibilities in 2009. This amazing world of conscious choice is where I now choose to dwell thanks to her.  In 2010 Co-Facilitating Access Bars classes with Venus was a wonderful experience that furthered my gratitude and respect for this lovely being of light. She is clearly here to BE the connector and facilitator she truly is.

~ J. Mercadante/Canada (Actor & Healer)


JennyOn a practical level each workshop or gathering was well thought out, in a safe and open environment. The work flowed beautifully, never felt rushed and there was encouraged but not forced participation in activities. On a spiritual level these were some of the most influential and inspirational workshops of my life. At the beginning of my journey when I first attended I was met with love, acceptance and kindness.

Venus exudes a light about her which makes you instantly at peace. I felt safe to be vulnerable and open to learning. A lot was cleared for me and even more awakened. Each workshop had a beautiful element of laughter too, allowing the mood to balance and any tension to disburse naturally.

Though I cannot speak for others, the sisterhood, the leadership and the information shared at these events created a beautiful shift in my perspective and allowed me to take ownership in changing my life.
~ J. Skuse/UK (Coach & Artist)

SimoneI was standing right next to Venus, while she (in a matter of seconds) calmed a supposedly unmanageable angry elephant into a beautiful open, loving and appreciating creature simply by telling her that we are here for her and won’t ask anything of her (besides how she is doing). We spent 30 minutes in total peace with this beautiful creature and she just stood there, having a visible connection with Venus.

Venus asked her about various things and it turns out the elephant showed her a mineral that she was needing due to sickness in her stomach. I personally revisited the elephant a week later, and their Vet had just payed a visit because the elephant’s health was drastically decreasing. I have all this proof on film and wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not been witness to it in real time.

Other than the elephant, Venus ended up staying with 2 young cats that I had actually hand-raised in a different house from birth, so just as a little fun intro to my TV show on Swiss national TV,  she came to greet me with one of the cats in her arms. The cat right away showed her a picture of his very first memories and Venus described to me the exact location I was raising the kittens through the picture she had received telepathically from the cat.

I must say first off (as probably most people might have been) I was very skeptical that it was even possible to have a conversation with an animal. But Venus proved me wrong in a matter of seconds and now I know there is no doubt that she can indeed speak with animals on this level. PS: this is just one of a million wonderful and spiritual things Venus can do.

~S.Bargetze/Lichenstein (Stuntwoman & Actress)

K_ElizabethI contacted Venus to learn why my cats kept getting into fights with neighborhood cats. They spoke freely with her, telling her all about our home and daily goings-on, and taking the opportunity to communicate some messages to me regarding dietary requests, a flea medicine complaint, and requests for attention to areas of pain and discomfort.

Venus took detailed notes of the conversations and was able to articulate their ideas to me.  She explained the reason for fighting was to protect me from sources of perceived harm, and ways in which I could address their concerns and free us all from harm.

My feline companions were carrying a lot of responsibility on my behalf, and Venus was able to relieve them of those burdens.  Even before she & I had a chance to speak to follow up on their conversations, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the temperament and sense of well-being in who I perceived to be my most nervous feline friend.

It feels now that a curtain has been drawn back.  I’m more easily able to communicate with them and understand what they are trying to communicate to me. We’re developing new ways I can assist them in their own health and well-being.

Life is peaceful now.  I’m incredibly grateful for the work we did, and profusely grateful to Venus for her role in opening the pathways between me and my companions.
~ K.Elizabeth/USA (Reiki Master & Teacher)