Why your vision must come to life.

The Crash of It All

When I was sitting in what felt like a dream-coming-true moment, the brilliant minds of an international Make-It-Happen team drawn together to help unpack a visionary idea I had for the world…post-it notes and ideation boards, smiles and focused brows as we mused and considered possibilities actively….I remember looking around almost in disbelief

Is this really happening?!

I had inspired a client to become an investor (and not through my direct asking either) who was generously dropping large sums of Euros into this dream at a rapid rate and it felt as if I was definitely being rewarded for all the foundation and love that I had poured into him and his wife on a personal level. (I had no idea while doing that work that this would come out of our connection, I was just focused on their healing)

Unfortunately, this scene crumbled not too long after its inception and birthing. And not with integrity on their parts either.

They even attempted to take my idea, change its name and develop it without me.

Something I found out directly through the 3rd party team who had smelt and felt a rat and contacted me privately, saying they didn’t want to do it if I wasn’t involved because it was me they were so impressed by. Well, that wasn’t my favourite phone call ever, despite the vote from those guys (whom I was deeply grateful for being able to be connected to, being as high level as they all were!)

You know how stories go, there’s always more the plot than is revealed and when it came down to it we had each our own responsibility to check where we had created what we were all then experiencing. Even though we all had parts to play, I was fairly under schooled when it came to working with people of this investors ilk (money to burn on spontaneous projects until it no longer feels easy and then just burn it off)

On my end, I committed not one but many cardinal mistakes of going into business with investors like this and how the whole balance of energy, magic and the physical structures must be set up for all to thrive longterm were not in place enough to protect those who were already committed from also losing out.

After it dissolved in a scene of unnecessary heart breaks and sudden harsh letters from attorneys and other confronting shenanigans, I admittedly went into a bit of a depression.

Not only did several relationships come to a screeching end (relationships I considered to be close to “family”) but everything felt helplessly uprooted – even though ironically it had no real roots to begin with.

The whirlwind of travel, co creations, team work, medicine retreats and exotic everything was suddenly boop! silenced. Of course,

Everything happens for a reason”

and all that, and once the picking my ass up and accepting was done, I started to work on what I could have done better, what was really within my “control” and what needed to change within me in order to create from the right place. It was no walk in the park.

I literally felt like I had my heart broken

and part of me wanted to return to the miserable lowness that I had felt for months after everything had been destroyed. But instead I started to clear, clean, learn and grow out of my own deeper programs that this situation had reflected back to me that I needed to face before I could truly bring something of real value into the world. I saw all the hooks and holes to receiving, all the ways my ancient past would sabotage my current possibility, my decoys to greatness….all of it.

Most of this was done on my own, or with the facilitation of the plant medicines, but mostly a combination of clearing tools, meditative practices, journaling and the energetic “jedi” techniques that I have no clue how others live without (especially in times like this where it feels like something has been cut out of your life suddenly and painfully) There were also a few mentors who provided me with the absolute allowance to be however messy I was being, and this actually helped A LOT.

When I emerged, I started to reconnect to my mission, my projects – and it took quite a lot of self-talk and rearranging of life to sit back down with them and start to rebirth them into the world.

Now I am well in the process, but from a completely different place.

This place is a humbled, patient and allowing one. And now I have had the joy of walking with some beautiful visionaries to see their missions into process. Something that is part of MY greatest joys in this life is witnessing creation through another person. In my experience, being a creator and someone who has a vision for something greater for the world, an aspect of humanity, an improvement of life in some way – I believe we need to come in from multiple angles. By this I mean, you can have all the “know how” laid out before you in neatly labelled packages but lack the true clarity, courage and energetic foundation to really be the force that sees it through.

Conversely, you could be SO sure about your soul’s purpose, have really great clarity around your connection to something greater and how to communicate with those sources, yet if you don’t have the physical world structures and systems (and have cleared any potential resistance towards them) you may never see your creations come out of ideation and into manifestation. And boy do I know this situation. I have been on both sides of this story and both just don’t work as smoothly and joyously if there isn’t a merging and a balancing of both of the realms.


It doesn’t take much analysis to be completely aware of the way our education system is structured for us to “get the right answer” or otherwise be deemed “wrong”

There has historically also been an incredible amount of significance placed on the guy with the brainiest brain. Yet statistically we live in a time of the most highly qualified graduates with the least amount of paid jobs in their fields (or jobs at all, for that matter) You have likely come across a youtube video or two talking about the keys to success and perhaps even chanced upon the new school entrepreneurs saying Do what you love, and the rest will follow right along side the Rise and Grind memes who like to party with the No Pain No Gain sentiments.

What I want to offer you is something between these extremes.

What if your business\creation\project was a doorway into developing your self as well as providing an ever expanding source of support for you and the lifestyle you would like to have?I have come to realise that when we create from a place of clarity, consciousness and inclusion we have access to whatever we flow our attention into – therefore allowing the way for it to be its greatest, most unobstructed, joyful version.

It has more chance to not just grow, but where you can pick the fruit from its trees and really know that you started it from the right place.

When we create from the systems we might have bought as real from our upbringing, ancestral programming and anything we picked up along the way, we have a tendency to lock ourselves into limiting paradigms and hence never really producing and enjoying the TRUE expression of our life’s work.

We must come in from multiple angles.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s consider quantum reality for a moment.

Science tells us that the atom is 99.99999% space and information. The rest is matter, and as you can see, it is not very much! Basically it means that we (and everything within us and around us) are more space, than anything.

If we are to focus the MAJORITY of our efforts on that teeny tiny percentage that is physical, then what does that say about what we know about the nature of reality and what we would be better off working with?

It just doesn’t make logical sense to only push forward with all our might and intensity on the physical. We must use our capacities as a quantum communicator, energetic being and director of thought and desire together with this human aspect of physical matter.

I have worked at health retreats for the past 5 years and coached clients for 2 years before that and the repetition in what they believed was holding them back could almost always be broken down to what was going on inside of them and their programming.

It usually ended up being NOT about the external environmental factors nearly as much as they thought. The funny thing is, once they were in the clear with these booby traps and looping entanglements, the 3D started to organise itself with grace. For them it then became more of a game of blocks and colours – how to put things in the right place to energetically match the inner work which has already set into motion whatever is required to make it a reality.

They started to find that, creating was joyful.

The other point is this:

You are constantly changing. Energy never stops and can not be contained. If you are space and energy, you are in flux, ad infinitum. As an infinite being, you are also updating and upgrading with all the new information moving through our collective and likely sometimes go “into orbit” with that maybe even without knowing. Off days, confusion, intensity in the body, peaks and surges of energy and then super low days…sound familiar at all? Learning how to work with the whole Ascension thing while being in a state of creation in this reality is part of the deal 🙂

This is NOT the lifetime you are going to skip bringing that forward into the world.

The buddhist’s remind us that we never truly know the day that we are going to die, so we must live each day with as much presence as we can.

I really know how it feels to not give life and birth to projects. I had been doing it like a champ for many years. Holding everything inside, and then when I finally thought I was expressing it, turns out I had the hidden unprocessed “stuff” coming through it

You don’t need to go that route to bring your vision to life.

My mission is to help you evolve yourself. Your communication. Your connection. More than anything it is to assist in calling together your own unique combination of this connection to Spirit (creation, life force, divinity, vitality) and to smooth its passage, it’s birth, into this reality so that the rest of us can benefit from this beauty.

You can’t stay in gestation for ever. You will eventually feel like you are going to explode.

So, as I act as your creative midwife 😉 what if we can play in the realms of both the energetic and the physical? What if we can have fun as we unwind the magic that you can bring through your project, your business, your life??

What if we can get this reality to work for you? I am not going to offer this journey beyond the end of 2020 as I know by then the other projects I have been nurturing will take up most of my energy – but i feel the call from you to put this out here now. As I move more into my mission, let me bring you under my wing and share the spiritual technology, the pathways to ease and moving energy in your favour so that we can create better systems to bring all the good stuff into the physical!


Email me and give me a brief about your current dream/vision/project/situation and what you currently feel is holding you back from achieving that.

I will check in on the energy of it and we can have a little chat by Skype or whatsapp to see if we are a good match to take the journey together. It’s not something I take on super easily and I will only be able to work with a small handful of you, which I am sorry about – I just have to be sure you are ready for the jump off and that it’s worth our merging forces.

Not only that but we will continue to keep an eye on your project following our mentoring work and see how you can be supported by the community going forward. The future version of this is we will slowly take the Visionary Projects and pool together the community resources to see how we can truly get it flowing to its next stage.

**If this package is not within your range to invest in currently but you would like to have some sort of involvement in the Visionary Project as exchange for some mentoring, this could be a possibility. We are looking for some part time interns with marketing and management experience to help with the launch of our Sacred Pilgrimages and Evolved Communication Courses in 2020.

My qualifiers for working together on these missions:

You have these aspects:

1.Your idea/vision does not harm or manipulate any one or any animal
2. Your desire is to create more possibilities not just for yourself, but for others too
3. You have an open-mind and willingness to come in from all levels: energetic, emotional, mental and physical
4. You are ready to invest in the future you would really like to live in, as in every day and not just through what you DO, but how you talk to yourself, and how you respond to life
5. You are ready to be honest with yourself knowing that you are going to be in the best space to clear that sh#t once and for all.
6. AND: (Important) You have (or will start ASAP) a practice of meditation

Current/past projects with other visionaries (just to give you an idea)

  • working with the energy of the LAND (spiritual centers, health retreats, eco-farming, multi-art collaborative)
  • CBD Company & the development of local herbs and tinctures
  • A short film on awakening
  • Yoga related products, content and clothing line
  • A T-shirt brand with a twist
  • A women’s community (online)
  • A service for Feng-shui on commercial business sites
  • Conscious Marketing & media content “influencers”
  • Shamanic Workshops, instruments and offerings related

Write to me right now or even better leave me a voice note with your juicy dreams by Whatsapp +66872832083 and let’s start moving this even more into its living experience before you pop. 🙂 ‘cuz that would be messy – and we aren’t going for that look. hehe

Group Mentoring is available for the next intake of up to 20 people.

I know its a small group, but its for a reason. We are going to help each other to help ourselves. If you are one of those who ends up working with me 1:1 then you will gain access to these group sessions as well where we will be using the group mind to work on your projects as support and development. Lucky you!

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.     Edgar Cayce

Email your brief:


Venus. x

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