You are invited to: “New Moon Goddess: Women’s Temple Seoul”

It’s something most of us as women have definitely experienced at some point:

We look at a photo of ourselves or catch a glimpse of our reflection in a mirror and various automatic programs kick in –> it’s quite common to immediately start up on our points of view about why what we are seeing isn’t good enough or how things should be better or different.

Do you have any idea how damaging these types of thoughts and energies can be on your body and its ability to change, as well as on the flow of possibility in your life?

Would you like to:
▼ Learn tools to shed judgments and generate new, loving energy in your body……………
▼ Let go of what you think it means to be beautiful and how that is “supposed” to look……………
▼ Be in a nurturing space where you are adored & can freely express the Goddess within………
▼Have fun, professional photos taken of you where you are embodying beauty, presence and love for yourself?

If yes, then come:

(With a little sprinkle of magic and a whole bunch of soul)

▼ This is a full day + night workshop where a small group of women are invited to step immediately into self-healing

Within the privacy of our very own house deep in traditional Seoul, we will explore:
~ Our stories and limitations regarding body image, beauty & being a woman
~ Take away techniques on releasing energy
~ Body consciousness tools & group work exercises
~ Tuning in to our sensual, feminine nature
~ Ceremony and playful ritual to connect with our sisters, guides & angels in this sacred space of transformation

▼ Plus:
Participants will also have the chance to SEE all of this manifest as gorgeous, artistic and totally “Goddess That You Are” photographs

▼ Investment in You
Goddess Dance
▼ 10 Workshop hours
▼ 1 x Yoga Session
▼ Take-Away Tools for Self Work
▼ Professional Group + Partner Photos
▼ Healthy Vegan Snacks
▼ Crystal Elixirs & Teas
▼ Body Art & Paint
▼ .mp3 recording of the workshop
▼ Moon Ceremony + Meditation
▼ Extra Bonus’
+ Complimentary Energetic Facelift Session
(usually 150,000w)
+ Special Deal for Pro-Studio Photography Session (usually 300,000w)
+ Plus a special gift upon arrival

▼ To secure your spot (Only up to 18 spots available) in this intimate and unique event, send payment and EMAIL to:

Name: Venus Robertson
Account Number: 272-027198-01-019
Bank: IBK Bank (Kiyop)

After your spot is confirmed, you will be emailed your Preparation Kit with:

– Invoice Statement of your Payment
– Detailed info on Event Preparations: Several changes of clothes required!
– What to pack for the closing Ceremony

If you can’t make it to this one – there will be one with a similar focus on the BLUE MOON of August 1st (Recommended to save your spot ahead of time!!)

If you want to come to both ~ you get the special rate of 130,000won

Due to the nature of this event & planning there are no refunds on deposits.
If you would like to gift your spot to a friend, this is welcome!

We so look forward meeting the Goddess within you 🙂

In light,

Venus Robertson
Women’s Empowerment Mentor + Energy Therapist

▼ Jessica Marie Berggrun
Photographer + Filmmaker

Some testimonials:

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